CAFE SOCIETY hats are designed to bring effortless style with ease. We encourage you to reimagine what it means to be a wardrobe staple and complete your fashion palette. Enduringly beautiful with modern twists, our hats are designed using classic silhouettes that are thoughtfully handcrafted using sustainable materials in Ecuador by skilled artisans. 

More than style, hats can evince a peculiar inner essence of the wearer. You’re not just making a statement, you’re opening a door.


Founder & CEO

CAFE SOCIETY was founded by Lauren Burke, a 10 year veteran of the fashion industry, who was inspired to build a brand focused on high-quality pieces with timeless design. She has created her own distinct personal style influenced by her past and present; raised in California, studied in London, and now settled in New York City.

An enthusiast for building a timeless wardrobe, Lauren has always leveraged accessories to enhance and complete her closet - this is where she shares her passion and introduces CAFE SOCIETY.